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This article is about the tributary of the Vaal River. For the river of the Olifants/Doring basin, see Riet River (Doring).
Riet (Gama-!ab)
Name origin: Native name Gama-!ab meaning 'muddy' in !Kora language
Country South Africa
Regions Free State, Northern Cape
 - right Modder River
 - location Near Smithfield
Mouth Vaal River
 - location Confluence
 - elevation 1,001 m (3,284 ft)
 - coordinates 28°59′58″S 23°53′17″E / 28.99944°S 23.88806°E / -28.99944; 23.88806Coordinates: 28°59′58″S 23°53′17″E / 28.99944°S 23.88806°E / -28.99944; 23.88806
Length 300 km (186 mi)
Location of the Riet River mouth

The Riet River is a westward-flowing tributary of the Vaal River in central South Africa. In precolonial times the Riet was known as the Gama-!ab (or Gmaap), a !Kora name meaning 'muddy'. Its main tributary is the Modder River and after the confluence the Riet River flows westwards to meet the Vaal.[1]

The Riet flows about 300 km from the vicinity of the eastern Free State town of Smithfield and has a confluence with the Vaal River upstream from the Northern Cape town of Douglas.[2]

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