Rif (island)

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Rif en Engelsmanplaat (OSM).svg
Map of Rif (top) and Engelsmanplaat (bottom)
Coordinates 53°27′30″N 6°7′45″E / 53.45833°N 6.12917°E / 53.45833; 6.12917Coordinates: 53°27′30″N 6°7′45″E / 53.45833°N 6.12917°E / 53.45833; 6.12917
Archipelago (West) Frisian Islands
Adjacent bodies of water Wadden Sea, North Sea
Province Friesland
Municipalities Dongeradeel and Schiermonnikoog
Population Uninhabited

Rif (Dutch pronunciation: [rɪf]) is a small, uninhabited, Dutch island in the Wadden Sea, lying between Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, north of Engelsmanplaat. It is one of the West Frisian Islands. The island currently has an area of less than 0.1 km². There are no breeding birds to be found, but it is popular as a high tide resting area, for birds as well as seals.


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