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The Riga LVRTC Transmitter was a mediumwave transmitter in Riga, Latvia, which broadcast on 945 kHz a music program in DRM-simulcast mode, which was receivable at night time in wide parts of Europe. It used as an antenna two guyed mast radiators. One of them was a 125 metre tall guyed lattice mast. The other smaller tower stays a Blaw-Knox Radiator. It is one of the few existing Blaw-Knox Radiators in Europe. Other towers of this type exist at Lisnagarvey, Northern Ireland, Lakihegy, Hungary, Vakarel, Bulgaria and Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Several masts were razed on 16 May 2010.[1]


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Coordinates: 56°56′16.8″N 24°16′56.7″E / 56.938000°N 24.282417°E / 56.938000; 24.282417