Riga State Gymnasium No.1

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Rīgas Valsts 1. ģimnāzija
RV1G building.jpg
Building of Riga State Gymnasium No.1
Raiņa Bulvāris
Riga, Latvia
School type State Gymnasium
Established 1211 (1211)
Founded 1919 (1919)
Head of school Māris Brasla
Grades From 7 till 12
Number of students 1055 [1]
Classes 33
Language Latvian, English
Colour(s) White and Navy Blue
National ranking 1st

Riga State Gymnasium No.1 (Latvian: Rīgas Valsts 1. ģimnāzija), the oldest school in the Baltic states, offers secondary education (grades 7 to 12) in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

The school traces its origins to school of Riga Cathedral, which was founded in 1211, a decade after the foundation of Riga itself.[2] Its name and language of instruction have changed several times during its history. Latvian became the main language of instruction in 1919.

Today, the gymnasium is known for its strong programs in the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science. Students wishing to enroll at the school take an admissions test in mathematics. Its admissions rate, with as many as six candidates competing for each position, is one of the lowest in the country. Since 1997 the school enrolls 30 to 40 people in its International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme each year, where instruction is offered in English. It was the first school in the Baltic states to offer the IBO Diploma Programme. Each year a number of 12th grade students finish the DSD (Das Deutsches Sprachdiplom [3]) programme by taking an exam along with the regular school leaving exams.[4] Passing the exam enables them to pursue their higher education in German speaking countries.

Riga State Gymnasium No.1 is consistently ranked first among the schools in Latvia. Its students' average results on school leaving (state) exams are the highest in the country.[5][6][7] Riga State Gymnasium No.1 is also the best school in Latvia based on its students' achievements at various domestic and international academic competitions.[8]

Many of the graduates continue their education at highly ranked universities abroad, particularly in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria and the USA. The percentage of these students is very high among the ones who graduate from the IBO Diploma Programme.

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