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Right Guard is a brand of deodorant and shower gel for men. It is manufactured by the Dial Corporation unit of Henkelt, which acquired the brand in 2006 as a condition for acquisition because P&G already owned the deodorant brands Sure and Old Spice.[1]

Right Guard is the second largest brand in the male deodorant category.[2] The Gillette Company introduced Right Guard as the first aerosol antiperspirant in the early 1960s.[3]


Right Guard targets sports enthusiasts, as portrayed through its advertising in the late 1980s through late 1990s.


Gillette's "Cool Spray" form factor (introduced in 2004) sprayed deodorant vertically from the top of a rounded cylinder upon depression of a side-mounted trigger. No protective cap was needed; a twist-motion procedure locked and unlocked the contents. The form, by design firm Herbst Lazar Bell, won the 2005 personal care award at The Institute of Packaging Professionals' AmeriStar packaging awards.[4] The form was discontinued in 2012.[citation needed]


Right Guard comes in the forms of invisible solid, deodorant stick, clear gel, and aerosol. It used to come in a clear stick but this appears to have been discontinued without notice by the manufacturer.

Right Guard has three sub-brands: Total Defense 5, Sport and Clinical.


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