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Right On!
EditorJudy Wieder
CategoriesAfrican American pop culture, music
PublisherSterling-Macfadden, Dorchester Media
First issue1972
Final issuec. 2011
CompanyLaufer Publications
CountryUnited States

Right On! was an American teen magazine first published by the Laufer Company in 1972 with editor/creator Judy Wieder and art director William Cragun. It continued publishing to c. 2011 and focused on African-American celebrities.

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was born in October 1971[1] out of the desire to have a teen idol type magazine for African Americans.[2] The first cover featured The Jackson 5.[2] Like Tiger Beat did with White American and Hispanic celebrities,[2] Right On! covered everything and everyone African-American and involved in the entertainment business. It also offered female readers make-up tips, and had a pen pals section as well.

During its early years, Right On! focused primarily on the lives and careers of The Jackson 5, featuring numerous interviews with each Jackson family member by editor Judy Wieder, as well as Motown labelmates The Temptations and Diana Ross. In the 1980s Right On! was instrumental in the popularity of R&B teen group New Edition.[citation needed] It was later published by Dorchester Media.[3] Cynthia Horner is among the former editors-in-chief of the magazine.[4]

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