Right Romania Alliance

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Right Romania Alliance
Alianţa România Dreaptă
Leader Vasile Blaga
Aurelian Pavelescu
Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu
Secretary-General Gheorghe Flutur
Vice Leader Mihail Neamtu
Founded 16 September 2012
Dissolved 10 December 2012
Ideology Conservatism,[1][2]
Economic liberalism[1]
Political position Centre-right[3][4][5]
European affiliation European People's Party
International affiliation Christian Democratic International
Constituent parties Democratic Liberal Party,
Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party,
Civic Force Party
Slogan Sus inima!

The Right Romania Alliance (Romanian: Alianţa România Dreaptă, ARD, also translating to "Just Romania Alliance")[6] was a Romanian electoral alliance formed between the Democratic Liberal Party, the National Peasant Christian-Democratic Party, the Civic Force and supported by the Centre-Right Civic Initiative founded by former PM Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu and other NGOs.

After a very short period of existence, lasting a little over 3 months, the alliance was legally dissolved on the background of the disastrous results in the legislative elections, as it was not a political, but only electoral alliance.



In July 2012, former Prime Minister Mihai Razvan Ungureanu formed the Centre-Right Civic Initiative (ICCD). He said that he support a political alliance for the parliamentary election of 2012. Representatives of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), in opposition, began negotiations with the ICCD, the New Republic Party (PNR), National Peasant Christian-Democratic Party (PNŢCD) and the Christian Democratic Foundation (DCF). PDL leader Vasile Blaga announced that the negotiations were successful.

On August 30, representatives of PDL, ICCD, PNŢCD, PNR and FCD launched The Manifest of the Unite Right, that created the alliance. On September 5, the PNŢCD chairman, Aurelian Pavelescu announced that leaders determined that pole will b named Right Romania Alliance and the logo will be a heart. On 7 September, the National Convention of Civic Force (FC) elected Ungureanu as party leader. FC joined the alliance, replacing the ICCD (which is just an NGO).

Short-lived existence[edit]

PNR has had problems registering as a political party and the FCD was not admitted into the alliance. Thus, on 15 September, representatives of PDL, PNŢCD and FC have signed a protocol establishing the alliance, and a day later, the ARD has been registered at the Central Electoral Commission.

At the legislative election of 9 December 2012, ARD won 16.52% of votes to the Chamber of Deputies, 13.64% of votes to the Senate and 80 seats in the Parliament, which came to PDL (74 seats), FC (4 seats), PNȚCD (1 seat) and PNR (1 seat). On 10 December 2012, ARD was dissolved.[7]

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