Right Where You Are Sitting Now

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Right Where You Are Sitting Now
Author Robert Anton Wilson
Country United States
Language English
Subject Consciousness, Psychology, Science
Publisher And/Or Press
Publication date
Pages 208
ISBN 0-914171-45-3

Right Where You Are Sitting Now, fully titled Right Where You Are Sitting Now: Further Tales of the Illuminati, is a 1982 book of philosophical writings written by Robert Anton Wilson. Dedicated to William S. Burroughs and Philip K. Dick, this work covers Emic reality, Negative Entropy, Witch Hunters of the Scientific Establishment, The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon, Is God a Dope, Have Fun with Head, and The Reality Labyrinth. The 1992 edition contains a new introduction by Timothy Leary.

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The Right Where You Are SittingNow website of podcasts of occult/underground film, music and culture, has no direct link with the book.

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