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The Right Wing Resistance, a right wing group described as neo-nazi,[1] was founded by Kyle Chapman in Christchurch with a group of white nationalists. Its introduction to the New Zealand public was its Christchurch Street Patrols in October 2009, which appeared to target Polynesian youths.[2]

It attempted to recruit further members in Auckland.[3] Press coverage has resulted from distributions of flyers comparing immigration to an invasion, which were called "despicable" by the Race Relations Commissioner.[4][5]

They have been known to help organise protests and other street activities alongside the National Front.[6]

2011 general election activities[edit]

During the 2011 general election campaign members of the group disrupted a candidates election meeting in Christchurch appearing in military-style clothing. They stated that they would protest at polling booths throughout New Zealand on election day; however, this did not happen.[7]


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