Rihand Thermal Power Station

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Thermal Power Station
Rihand Thermal Power Station is located in Uttar Pradesh
Rihand Thermal Power Station
Location of Rihand
Thermal Power Station in India Uttar Pradesh
Country India
Location Rihandnagar, Sonebhadra, Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates 24°01′36″N 82°47′24″E / 24.02667°N 82.79000°E / 24.02667; 82.79000Coordinates: 24°01′36″N 82°47′24″E / 24.02667°N 82.79000°E / 24.02667; 82.79000
Status Operational
Commission date 1988
Owner(s) NTPC
Thermal power station
Primary fuel coal-fired
Power generation
Units operational 6×500 MW
Nameplate capacity 3000 MW

Rihand Thermal Power Station is located at Rihandnagar in Sonbhadra district in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The power plant is one of the coal based power plants of NTPC

Power plant[edit]

Rihand Thermal Power Station has an installed capacity of 3000 MW. The First unit was commissioned in March 1988. The coal for the plant is derived from Amlori and Dudhichua mines. The water source is from Rihand Reservoir which is constructed on Son river.[1]

Installed capacity[edit]

Stage Unit Number Installed Capacity (MW) Date of Commissioning Status
1st 1 500 1988 1 March Running
1st 2 500 1989 July Running
2nd 3 500 2005 January Running
2nd 4 500 2005 September Running
3rd 5 500 2012 May [2] Running
3rd 6 500 2013 October Running [3]

NTPC rihand is situated 75 km away from Renukoot railway station. By personal cab or public transport bus, one can reach rihandnagar. Local market outside NTPC township is Bijpur. If one is interested in little bit bigger market, one has to Waidhan which is 30 km away from Rihandnagar.

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