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Riho Iida
Native name
飯田 里穂
Born (1991-10-26) October 26, 1991 (age 27)
OccupationActress, voice actress and gravure idol, singer
Years active2002–present
Height1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)

Riho Iida (飯田 里穂, Iida Riho, born 26 October 1991 in Saitama) is a Japanese ex-child model-turned-actress, voice actress and singer. Her nickname is Rippi.



Iida came into the spotlight when she was 11 years old, appearing on the Tensai Terebi Kun MAX (天才てれびくんMAX) series on NHK Educational TV in 2002. Since then she starred in many movies and TV series. She was also a model of a famous lolita gravure magazine Pure 2. She played the leading role in the film Shougaiken gibu no okurimono (障害犬ギブのおくりもの), which won a prize at the Japan Educational Film Festival. Her first photobook Pool (プール) in 2003 became the top-selling photobook in Japan.

She plays one of the main characters in the Love Live! anime and game project, Rin Hoshizora. The success of Love Live! contributed to an increase in exposure of her career. In 2014 she formed the duo group 4to6 with her co-star Pile (voice of Maki Nishikino). They released their first single in August 2014.[1][2] She is a member of a mini unit in the Love Live! project, Lily White, alongside Aina Kusuda (voice of Nozomi Toujou) and Suzuko Mimori (voice of Umi Sonoda).[3]

Her song "Aoi Honō Syndrome" (青い炎シンドローム, Blue Flame Syndrome) is used as the ending theme to the 2017 anime television series Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters.[4] Her song "Itsuka Sekai ga Kawaru Made" (いつか世界が変わるまで, lit. "Someday Until The World Changes") is used as the ending theme to the 2018 anime television series Boarding School Juliet.[5]



  • Hitorine (ひとりね) 2001
  • Shougaiken Gibu no okurimono (障害犬ギブのおくりもの) as Sakie
  • Seirei nagashi (精霊流し) 2003
  • Photo Frame (フォトフレーム) 2004

TV series/TV movies[edit]

  • Tensai Trebikun MAX (天才てれびくんMAX)(NHK教育)
  • Tensai Terebukun Wide (天才てれびくんワイド)(NHK教育)
  • Okusama A (奥さまA) (名古屋テレビ)
  • Musashi (大河ドラマ 『武蔵』)(NHK)
  • Wagamanma Kitchin (わがまんまキッチン)(ANB系)
  • Ougon no Inu (黄金の犬)(TX系)
  • Zukkoke san-nin gumi (ズッコケ三人組3)(NHK教育)
  • *Oyajii (オヤジぃ。)(TBS系)
  • Hyakunen no Monogatari (百年の物語)(TBS系)
  • Sexy voice and Robo (セクシーアンドボイスロボ)
  • Tantei Gakuen Q (探偵学園Q)(日本テレビ系)

TV anime[edit]

Anime films[edit]

Web anime[edit]

Video games[edit]


Dubbing roles[edit]


  • Rippy Rainbow Party (リッピーレインボーパーティ)(ラジオNIKKEI)



  • Pool (プール―飯田里穂写真集) ISBN 4-88641-887-2, 2003
  • Crawl (飯田里穂2nd写真集「クロール」) ISBN 4-7778-0044-X,2004
  • En-Ei (飯田里穂3rd写真集「遠泳」) ISBN 4-7778-0241-8, 2006
  • Kitto Zutto (きっと☆ずっと) DVD
  • SWEET (SWEET 飯田里穂) DVD,2003
  • Chiyohime Senmki (千代姫戦鬼)
  • Photo Frame(フォトフレーム)2005


  • MTK the 8th 2004
  • Go! Go! Tamagodon (Go!Go!たまご丼) 2003
  • Tentere jou karubi ~天てれ上カルビ~ MTK6th 2003
  • Tentere neko damasii ~天てれ猫だましぃ~ MTK5th 2002
  • Tentere uta makura ~天てれ歌まくら~ MTK4th 2002
  • Tentere big bun ~MTK The7th ~天てれビッグバン~ 2003
  • rippi-rippi 2015
  • "KISS! KISS! KISS!" 2016
  • "Kataomoi Sekkin" (片想い接近) 2016
  • rippi‐holic 2016
  • "Aoi Honoo Syndrome" (青い炎シンドローム) 2016


  • Pure 2 (pure☆pure) Vol.10~36 (2002-2006)
  • Juvenile Vol.2 and 3 (2002)


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