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Riich logo.jpg
Product typeAutomotive (upmarket marque)
OwnerChery Automobile
IntroducedMarch 2009
DiscontinuedApril 2013

Riich (Chinese: 瑞麒; pinyin: Ruìqí) was an upmarket marque of the Chinese automaker Chery. Its models included a microvan, large sedans (the G5 and slightly bigger G6) and supermini Riich M series, including a five-door hatchback (M1), a small sedan (M5) and a five-door crossover (X1). The marque was launched in March 2009.[1] The brand experienced poor sales and in September 2012 Chery announced that it would be discontinued.[2] Sales of Riich vehicles ended in April 2013.

Previously Chery used the "Riich" name for a model of van (the Chery Riich) prior to the creation of the Riich sub-brand.


The first Riich product to enter production was the G6,[when?] a medium-to-high end sedan solely developed by Chery and offered with a 3.0-litre V6 engine or a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine.[1][3]

The Riich X1 mini SUV was launched in November 2009,[4][5] and the G5 mid-size sedan in December 2009.[6] Products launched by Riich before the discontinuation of the brand are listed below:



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