Rijeka City Council

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Rijeka City Council

Gradsko vijeće grada Rijeke
Andrej Poropat, HNS
Deputy Speakers
Oskar Skerbec (IDS)
Kristjan Stančić (HDZ)
Distribution of seats in the City Council for each political group [2]
Political groups
Government (19)[1]
  •   SDP (7)
  •   PGS (3)
  •   HNS (3)
  •   HSU (2)
  •   IDS (1)
  •   HL (1)
  •   SDSS (1)
  •   Independents (1)

Opposition (18)

Party-list proportional representation
D'hondt method
See Elections in Croatia
Last election
21 May 2017
Next election

The Rijeka City Council is the legislative body of the city of Rijeka, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia. It is the local self-government representative body of the citizens of the city of Rijeka. in accordance with the Constitution, law and the Statute of the City of Rijeka.

The City Council has 37 members who were elected by universal suffrage and secret ballot for a term of four years. The elections for the present constitution of the Rijeka City Council were held on Sunday, 21 May 2017. The constituting session of the Rijeka City Council was held on 20 June 2017.[3]

The City Council has its president and two vice presidents elected by a majority of the vote of all councilors of the City Council elected from among its membership. One vice president is elected from among the members of national minorities.

City Council sessions are public.[4]


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