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Rik Barnett
Born Rik Barnett
(1990-03-20) 20 March 1990 (age 25)
Macclesfield, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 2006–present

Rik Barnett (born 20 March 1990) is an English actor, and the 2010 winner of the best supporting actor award from Ibiza International Film Festival,[1][2][3] for his work in Rebels Without a Clue.[4]

Life and career[edit]

Barnett was born in Macclesfield, England, the son of Deborah, a chef, and his father Peter who has his own building company.[3]

Barnett attended City College Manchester formerly 'The Shena Simon Performing Arts School' in Manchester, where he earned distinctions in acting.[1] He then attended the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles. He has previously acted for ITV and Ealing Studios.[1][3] In 2012, he graduated from his acting program at UCLA.[1][3]

In 2010 Rik worked on the Independent film Rebels Without A Clue,[4][5] working alongside such actors as Doctor Who's John Leeson.[6] It was his work in this film that earned him the Best Supporting Actor award at Ibiza International Film Festival,[1][2][3][7] some of the former recipients of this award have been Enrique Murciano and Alfred Molina. Actress Jacqueline Bisset who was Jury President along with Carlos Bardem presented the award.

Rebels Without A Clue was also nominated for Best UK Feature at Raindance Film Festival,[8][9][10][11][12] showing at Apollo Cinema: Piccadilly Circus,[8][13][14][15] and was also screened during Cannes Film Festival.[16][17] One review said how Barnett's performance was "glorious to watch",[15] another said that "Barnett, who plays Mark, (or ‘wanker’, as he is affectionately referred to throughout) is able to switch seamlessly between the genuinely touching dialogue about his father to keeping up with dim-witted banter".[12]

In September 2012 Barnett was featured on the cover of the Thai lifestyle magazine OUT In Thailand.[18]

In 2013 Barnett worked alongside filmmaker Jonathan Sheldon on the "Fifty Shades of Grey Gardens" spoof for Funny or Die[19][20]

Currently he is working on his own play 'Bosie'.[1][3] He is also a monthly contributor to the Australian Magazine "Prodijee".

Barnett has been featured in publications around the world including Australia, England, Thailand, America and Spain.

Personal Life[edit]

It was reported in a May 26, 2012 story in the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, that Barnett was engaged to be married to Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Adam Epstein, one of the producers of the original Broadway musical production of Hairspray.[21]

List of credits[edit]


Year Title Role Notes
2013 Romney: 2012 Narrator USA Thunk Enterprises
2010 Rebels Without A Clue Mark Independent UK
2011 Bird Matt UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
2010 HART Lawrence Ealing Studios


Year Title Role Notes
2012 Bosie -Reading- Bosie AE Company
2010 The Poseidon Robert Orlin ProductionsUK
2010 Pygmalion Freddy Eynsford Hill Little Theatre, Cheshire UK
2009 The Caucasian Chalk Circle The Singer CCM ProductionsUK
2009 Animal Farm Moses RSC UK
2009 Christmas Carol Bob Cratchit CCM Productions, UK
2008 Romeo & Juliet Romeo RSC Productions, UK
2008 Miss Julie Jean CCM Productions, UK
2008 Twelfth Night Sebastian (Twelfth Night) CCM Productions, RSC Production, UK
2008 The Train Ensemble CCM ProductionsUK

Radio and commercial[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2010 A to Z -Commercial- Bumper Car Boy Vodaphone Telecom
2010 The Poseidon -Radio- Robert Orlin Productions UK BBC
2010 Hearing Dogs for Deaf People -Commercial- Narrator UK Polka Dot Productions

New Media[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
2013 Fifty Shades of Grey Gardens -Funny Or Die- Christian Grey USA Thunk Enterprises


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