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Rikard Bergh (born June 14, 1966, in Örebro, Sweden), is a former professional tennis player from Sweden. He enjoyed most of his tennis success while playing doubles. During his career he won 6 doubles titles and finished runner-up an additional 5 times. He achieved a career-high doubles ranking of World No. 37 in 1992.

Since retiring Bergh has relocated to the greater Dallas, Texas area in the United States. He has worked as a pro in several country clubs. As of 2010 he works as a freelance Tennis Pro.

Doubles titles (6)[edit]

Outcome No. Date Tournament Surface Partner Opponents in the final Score in the final
Winner 1. 1988 Athens, Greece Clay Sweden Per Henricsson Peru Pablo Arraya
Czech Republic Karel Nováček
6–4, 7–5
Runner-up 1. 1989 Tel Aviv, Israel Hard Sweden Per Henricsson United Kingdom Jeremy Bates
Germany Patrick Baur
1–6, 6–4, 1–6
Winner 2. 1990 Båstad, Sweden Clay Sweden Ronnie Båthman Sweden Jan Gunnarsson
Germany Udo Riglewski
6–1, 6–4
Runner-up 2. 1990 Tel Aviv, Israel Hard Sweden Ronnie Båthman Nigeria Nduka Odizor
South Africa Christo van Rensburg
3–6, 4–6
Runner-up 3. 1991 San Francisco, U.S. Carpet Sweden Ronnie Båthman Australia Wally Masur
Australia Jason Stoltenberg
6–4, 6–7, 4–6
Winner 3. 1991 Nice, France Clay Sweden Jan Gunnarsson Czech Republic Vojtěch Flégl
Sweden Nicklas Utgren
6–4, 4–6, 6–3
Winner 4. 1991 Båstad, Sweden Clay Sweden Ronnie Båthman Sweden Magnus Gustafsson
Sweden Anders Järryd
6–4, 6–4
Runner-up 4. 1991 Birmingham, England Carpet Sweden Ronnie Båthman Netherlands Jacco Eltingh
Kenya Paul Wekesa
5–7, 5–7
Winner 5. 1993 Charlotte, U.S. Clay United States Trevor Kronemann Argentina Javier Frana
Mexico Leonardo Lavalle
6–1, 6–2
Winner 6. 1994 Madrid, Spain Clay Netherlands Menno Oosting France Jean-Philippe Fleurian
Switzerland Jakob Hlasek
6–3, 6–4
Runner-up 5. 1996 Amsterdam, Netherlands Clay United States Jack Waite United States Donald Johnson
United States Francisco Montana
4–6, 6–3, 2–6

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