Riki LeCotey

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Riki LeCotey
Silver-Age Wasp (11256542413).jpg
LeCotey as Wasp at Dragon Con 2013
Born October 27
Residence Atlanta, Georgia
Other names Riddle
Citizenship Canadian
Occupation Cosplayer, model, and costume designer
Modeling information
Height 5 ft 1 in (155 cm)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown

Riki LeCotey, also known as Riddle, is a Canadian cosplayer, model and costume designer based in the United States.[1] She is regarded by some as one of the top cosplayers in North America[2] or even in the world.[3]

LeCotey has been cosplaying for over a decade, and was a cosplay judge and special guest at many fan conventions in the USA and around the world, including in Dubai, Ireland, Chile, and the UK.[4] She was a main cast member on both seasons of Syfy channel reality show Heroes of Cosplay in 2013-2014.[5] She has worked as a specialty costumer on movies such as X-Men: First Class and Captain America: Civil War ,[6] and was featured in PBA's 2012 documentary Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity.[7][8] She is also the creator of a charity group, Cosplay for a Cause, whose first project raised over $30,000 for the Japanese Red Cross after the 2011 tsunami.[9]



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