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Riki Michele (born Michele Bunch, currently Michele Palmer)[1] is a female Christian alternative rock artist. Best known as one of the vocalists for Adam Again, she has also recorded four eclectic solo albums.

A reviewer for Knight Ridder describer her as a "funky diva... a diva in the "female artist who knows what the heck she's doing" sense."[2]

She was married to Gene Eugene, and though they divorced in 1994 she continued to record with him until his death in 2000.[3]


With Adam Again[edit]


  • Big Big Town (1989 – Broken Records)
  • One Moment Please (1993 – WAL)
  • Surround Me (2002 – independent)[2]
  • Come Let Us Adore Him: A Parable Christmas (2003 – Parable Christian Stores)
  • Push (2015 – independent)



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