Riksgränsen Station

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Riksgränsen Station.jpg
Riksgränsen Station in 1906
Coordinates68°25′33″N 18°07′38″E / 68.42583°N 18.12726°E / 68.42583; 18.12726Coordinates: 68°25′33″N 18°07′38″E / 68.42583°N 18.12726°E / 68.42583; 18.12726
Owned byJernhusen
Operated bySJ
Line(s)Ofoten Line
Iron Ore Line
Distance42.99 km (Narvik)
1542.7 km (Stockholm C)
Other information
Station codeRgn

Riksgränsen Station (Norwegian: Riksgrensen stasjon, Swedish: Riksgränsen station) is a railway station located at Riksgränsen near the Norway–Sweden border, one kilometer into Sweden. The station opened in 1902 as part of the Ofoten Line and Iron Ore Line, and was the location of the switching between Norwegian and Swedish operations.[1]

The station's official inauguration took place on July 14, 1903 by King Oscar II, Crown Prince Gustaf, Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg. [2]


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