Rikshospitalet (station)

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Location Gaustad, Nordre Aker, Oslo
Coordinates 59°56′52″N 10°42′53″E / 59.947768°N 10.714716°E / 59.947768; 10.714716Coordinates: 59°56′52″N 10°42′53″E / 59.947768°N 10.714716°E / 59.947768; 10.714716

Ullevål Hageby Line

17 18 
Opened 1 June 1999

Rikshospitalet is a light rail tram station at the end of the Ullevål Hageby Line of the Oslo Tramway. It is located at Rikshospitalet, the Norwegian National Hospital, at Gaustad in Oslo, Norway.

The station opened on 1 June 1999 as part of the line extension when the hospital opened.[1] The expansion was financed by Oslo Package 2.[2] The station is served by lines 17 and 18, using SL95 low-floor trams. This allow step-free access from and to all stations until the city center. Trams operate each five minutes. The next station is Gaustadalléen.[3]


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Rikshospitalet NEXT STATION
Rikshospitalet Terminus Line 17 Gaustadalléen Grefsen
Rikshospitalet Line 18 Ljabru