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Rilès Kacimi, born January 4, 1996, better known by his stage name Rilès, is a French-Algerian rapper, songwriter, composer and record producer from Rouen. Although he is Algerian/French his songs are written and sung in English. This was a choice he made when he first began his career, as his parents did not want him to pursue a music career and writing in English rather than French or Arabic was a way for him to express his craft in language they had difficulty understanding. His song "Brothers", is one of his most popular songs followed by "I Do It".


Although Rilès has been seen to be making music since 2014, he started to focus on music as a career after obtaining a bachelor's degree. Rilès then studied English literature at the University of Rouen and began to study music. Saving up enough money Rilès was able to build his own home studio in his bedroom and began to compose and write music independently. Rilès is also talented in the arts as he does much of his artwork for his songs as well as seen painting and selling many pieces of art as a way to make extra money for his music career. Rilès started his own music career by writing, producing, engineering and mastering his own songs, as well as recording and directing (as well as involved in the editing process) his music videos. This is reflected through his song lyrics where he references recording and producing his music independently.[1][2]

He released his first album, Vanity Plus Mind (2015) and released a variety of singles such as “Brothers” which became a staple and one of his biggest hits in 2016. That same year he released a song a week, every Sunday, for a year to compile into his second “album” (more a collection of songs than an album) called “RILÈSUNDAYZ” which is made up of 52 songs. This includes songs like “I Do it”, “Pesetas” and “Should I”, as some of the most popular songs. He organised in a concert tour in France in 2017 during which he performed at the Bataclan in Paris,[1] twice, then at the Zenith of Rouen.[3]



  • 2014: Vanity Plus Mind



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Year Title Peak positions Album
2017 "Brothers" 31
"I Do It" 48
"Thank God" 54
"In the Jungle" 121
"Should I" 147
"Away" 171
"Another Complaint, But.." 185
2018 "Pesetas" 179
"!I'll Be Back!" 103
2019 "Marijuana" ?