Riley (crater)

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Crater characteristics
Riley crater PIA00266.jpg
Magellan radar image
Coordinates14°06′N 72°30′E / 14.1°N 72.5°E / 14.1; 72.5Coordinates: 14°06′N 72°30′E / 14.1°N 72.5°E / 14.1; 72.5
Diameter25 km
EponymMargaretta Riley

Riley is a crater on Venus.

The crater is 25 kilometres (16 mi) in diameter. The floor of the crater is 580 metres (1,914 feet) below the plains surrounding the crater. The crater's rim rises 620 metres (2,046 feet) above the plains and 1,200 metres (3,960 feet) above the crater floor. The crater's central peak is 536 metres (1,769 feet) high. The crater's diameter is 40 times the depth resulting in a relatively shallow appearance.[1]