Riley (given name)

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Pronunciation /ˈrli/ RY-lee
Gender unisex
Word/name Irish Gaelic
Meaning "valiant", "rye clearing"
Other names
Related names Rylee, Ryleigh, Rylie, Reilly, Reily, Rheilly, Rilie

Riley is a unisex given name, which first appeared as Raghallach, which was originated on a man who died in the Battle of Clontarf. Its source gives its meaning as "valiant".[1]

Riley in the US is mostly a girl name. In 2017, it was the 25th most popular girl name, and the 253rd most popular boy name.[2] The opposite is true for the UK, where it is a primarily male name, being the 40th most popular boy name in 2016.[3]

Riley is also a popular surname. The surname's first variant is Ó Raghallaigh (Descendent of/Of Raghallach) which was later adapted in English as O'Reilly which itself has been anglicized into "Reilly". The surname "Riley" is an over time translated version of Reilly. It currently is #8 in England and Wales, #9 in Northern Ireland, #15 in Scotland, #30 in Australia and New Zealand, #64 in Canada, #156 in the United States, and #198 in the Netherlands.

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