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Riley Martin
Born (1946-05-09) May 9, 1946 (age 69)
Occupation Author, Radio personality

Riley Lee Martin (born May 9, 1946) is a self-described alien contactee, author, and radio host. Martin is the author of the book The Coming of Tan,[1] which describes his life and his alleged alien abduction. He hosts The Riley Martin Show on the Sirius XM Radio channel Howard 101. He had another weekly radio show, The Official Riley Martin Radio Show, but he chose not to continue the show due to financial issues.[2]


Riley Martin says on his website that he "was born May 9, 1946 in Mississippi to a family of sharecroppers of African American and Native American descent".[3] He claims he was first abducted by aliens near the St. Francis River while living in Arkansas in November 1953.[4]

Martin has characterized his interaction with the aliens as positive. The Biaviian alien O-Qua Tangin Wann (also known as Tan), is listed as the co-author of his book.[1] Martin asserts that a significant amount of knowledge was uploaded into his brain by the aliens, including 144,000 different alien "symbols" within a matter of minutes.

Martin claims that these aliens, flying aboard 'The Great mother ship' to which he is taken every time he is willingly "abducted", have given him this knowledge so that he can produce and sell hand-drawings of these symbols, which will allow passage aboard the Mother Ship when the Earth is 'transformed' in 2012. Martin claims that each symbol is uniquely tuned to its buyer. Martin did however say on the November 29, 2006, Howard 101 program that "You don’t exactly have to have one of my symbols in order to go" and stated further that some symbol owners would have their personal reasons for not going, and some Earth populace who had never heard of Riley might be offered the opportunity to participate in the potential airlift.

References in other media[edit]

On their album The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness, Jedi Mind Tricks released a song titled "Books of Blood: The Coming of Tan" featuring El Eloh. The track is about aliens and features a short speech by Martin.

Riley Martin was featured in an episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.[citation needed]

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