Riley Park–Little Mountain

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Location of Riley Park-Little Mountain in Vancouver.

Riley Park–Little Mountain is a neighbourhood in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its boundaries are 41st Avenue to the south, 16th Avenue to the north, Cambie Street to the west, and Fraser Street to the east. The main commercial thoroughfare of the neighbourhood is Main Street.


Little Mountain is the former name of a quarry located at, what is now, Queen Elizabeth Park. The quarry gardens at the park are some of the most popular parks in Vancouver, and in the summer time are filled with tourists. There is a pitch and putt course and a disc golf course at Queen Elizabeth Park, as well as the Seasons In The Park restaurant.


Nat Bailey Stadium, home of the Vancouver Canadians minor league baseball team, is located in the neighbourhood. Next to the stadium is the newly constructed Millennium Sports Centre, home to both the Phoenix Gymnastics Club and the Pacific Indoor Bowls Club. Nearby is the Vancouver Racquets Club.

Near the stadium is Hillcrest Park, where Little Mountain Baseball has its ballpark and clubhouse. Little mountain baseball was the first little league in Canada. They also use ballparks at nearby Riley Park for the younger age groups. Also at Hillcrest Park are two larger diamonds used by Vancouver Community Baseball. During the soccer season the ballparks are converted to be used as soccer fields.

Hillcrest Park also is home to the Vancouver Curling Club. It is currently on the south-west corner of the park in a small building, and has only 5 sheets. With the 2010 Winter Olympics coming to Vancouver the club will be getting a new, expanded facility next door to the Millennium Sports Centre.

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