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Rilindja (English: Renaissance) was a Kosovo Albanian newspaper.


It came out first on February 12, 1945, in Prizren, and was the first newspaper in Albanian language inside Yugoslavia. It was initially printed in State Printing Shop in Prizren during the issues 1 to 60. Since issue 61 it was printed in Prishtina Regional Printing House of the People's Front.[1]

In the beginning, it had only four pages, being published weekly until June 27, 1948. After that it begins to come out twice a week, on Sundays and Thursdays. Then, from November 1958 starts out as a daily paper (beside Fridays). By the year 1964, it appears every day in a 20-page standard format, while on Saturdays and holidays in a 24-32 page format. On September 5, 1990, the Serbian government banned its publication, with the entry of NATO forces, on June 12, 1999 it appears again.[1]

It was undoubtedly one of the best sold newspapers in the Albanian sphere. Its maximum circulation reached up to 234,000 copies during the New Year holidays.

In 2002, the premises were blocked by UNMIK administration and listed as a property of Kosovo Agency of Privatization, shutting it down abruptly.[2]


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