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Rim Kin(Khmer: រីម គីន) (1911–1959) was a Cambodian writer, and one of the founders of Cambodian modern literature.[1] Published in 1938, he was the author of Sophat (Khmer: សូផាត), the first published novel in Cambodia,[2] and Cambodian's first modern novel to be written in prose rather than the customary verse form.[3] It became a 1964 movie of the same name. In 1935, the weekly Cambodian newspaper Ratri Thnai Saur (Khmer: រាត្រីថ្ងៃសៅរ៍?) was founded and it hosted the first modern serial stories of Kin.[1] From 1955 through 1957, Kin was the first president of the Khmer Writers' Association.[4]

Partial works[edit]

  • 1938, Rioen Suphat (រឿងសូផាត) ("The Story of Sophat")[1]
  • 1943, Samapheavi (សមាភាវី) [5]


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