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Notable characters Ultra Boy
First appearance Adventure Comics #316 (January, 1964)
Publisher DC Comics

Rimbor is a fictional planet in the 30th century DC Universe, best known as the home planet for Legion of Super-Heroes member Ultra Boy. It is a member world part of the United Planets.

Fictional history[edit]

Rimbor has a reputation as a rough, lawless planet where crime and corruption run rampant. It is inhabited by members of several different races, including humans. No single race seems to dominate Rimbor, implying that it may be a United Planets colony world with no indigenous population. Gang violence is commonplace and keeps the Science Police and government of Rimbor busy and largely prevents them from making more headway in cleaning up the world. One of if not its most famous denizens is Jo Nah, the Legionnaire called Ultra Boy. He was formerly a member of the Emerald Dragons, one of the most prominent gangs on Rimbor.

For some unexplained reason, most people on Rimbor have names that follow a certain pattern: The first name consists of two letters, and the last name of three. Examples: "Jo Nah" (Ultra Boy), "An Ryd", "Mo Seh", etc. There have been exceptions, however.


In the Post-Zero Hour reboot it was established that Rimborians had different organ placement inside their body than Earthlings despite their heritage. The Legionnaire Timber Wolf was also from Rimbor in addition to Ultra Boy. They are rival gang leaders in this continuity (Ultra Boy led a gang called the Emerald Dragons, Timber Wolf led a gang called the Lone Wolves). There is a love triangle between himself, Ultra Boy and Apparition, as he met Apparition while Ultra Boy was part of the team lost in the Second Galaxy, and formed a strong connection with her. Timber Wolf later realized his feelings for Apparition were only those of a friend, but Ultra Boy remained jealous.

In other media[edit]


  • In the show Legion of Superheroes Rimbor is mentioned in the episode "Legacy" that Timber Wolf is on a solo mission there.
  • In the animated series Young Justice, the Justice League are put under mind control by the Light for about a day, during which time six members (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkwoman and John Stewart) are sent to Rimbor to cause wanton destruction for sixteen hours. This leads the rest of the galaxy to consider Earth a potential threat or tool, resulting in numerous aliens arriving during the second season; meanwhile, the six League members willingly travel to Rimbor to stand trial and hopefully clear their names.