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Founded1898; 122 years ago (1898)
FounderPaul Morszeck
Area served
Key people
Alexandre Arnault, CEO
Dieter Morszeck, Co-CEO

Rimowa (German pronunciation: [ʁɪˈmoːva]), often stylized as RIMOWA, is a high-quality luggage manufacturer. The company was founded in 1898, in Cologne, Germany.

RIMOWA suitcases are widely known for their parallel aluminium grooves, which have become characteristic of the brand.[1] The company's headquarters and production are located in Cologne for 120 years.

Several celebrities also use their suitcases for quality, handmade workmanship, and innovations in terms of lightness and durability.[2]

In October 2016, RIMOWA joined LVMH,[3] becoming the group's first German company.[4] Since 2017, the company is managed by Alexandre Arnault.[5]


Paul Morszeck Kofferfabrik, 1898

1898: Paul Morszeck Koffer-und Lederwaren-Fabrik[edit]

In 1898, Paul Morszeck and Heinrich Görtz founded the company under the name Görtz & Morszeck. By 1900, Paul Morszeck remained as the only director of the company.

1931: Registered RIMOWA as a trademark[edit]

In 1931, his son, Richard Morszeck, became involved in the company and registered the trademark RIMOWA at the Reich Patent Office in Berlin. "Rimowa" is an acronym for Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen (with Warenzeichen meaning trademark).

1937: First suitcase in Aluminium[edit]

In the 1930s, a fire in their factory burned most of their materials,[6] leaving only aluminum. As a result, the company used metal for cases.

2000: First suitcase in Polycarbonate[edit]

In 2000, the company introduced polycarbonate in box construction.

RIMOWA produces its products in its own factories in Germany, Czech Republic, and Canada. In 2013, 5,800 cases were produced daily.

2016: RIMOWA joined LVMH Group[edit]

In October 2016, RIMOWA joined the LVMH Group and became its first German subsidiary, with Alexandre Arnault becoming CEO of the company.[7] LVMH acquired an 80% stake for 640 million euros.[8]

RIMOWA identity evolution: 1898 - Today[edit]


In 1937, the first suitcases with grooves were produced. Made from duraluminium, an alloy of aluminium and magnesium. Originally, the parallel-grooved aluminum structure[9] was used to stabilize the thin aluminum, now this is the RIMOWA signature, protected as a trademark.

RIMOWA Original Cabin Silver, 2018


The RIMOWA Original is the brand's emblematic luggage line made from a high-end anodized aluminium alloy. The trademark material is durable and known for the distinctive patina it develops over time with repeated use. Each hard-shell suitcase is made of 205 parts that are individually inspected and assembled in a manufacturing process that takes exactly 117 minutes to complete in the factory in Cologne, Germany.[10] Production begins with a flat sheet of aluminium that is then imprinted with raised grooves - the iconic ribbed design first inspired by the corrugated metal of aircraft of the 1930s. From there, the aluminium is pressed into two identical shells, fitted with a frame, corners, and telescopic handle, and secured together by aviation-standard aluminium rivets.[11] The Original Collection comes in eight sizes - the Cabin S, Cabin, Cabin Plus, Check-In M, Check-In L, Trunk, Trunk Plus, Trunk XL, and is available in three colours variations - silver, black and titanium. The 80-year anniversary of the RIMOWA Original was celebrated in 2017.


The RIMOWA Classic is the modern interpretation of the Classic Flight collection. The heritage-inspired design is made from the brand's trademark anodized aluminium and includes details like riveted high-gloss aluminium corners and handmade leather handles. It is available in five sizes - the Cabin S, Cabin, Check-In M, Check-In L, and Trunk. Personalised versions of the RIMOWA Classic can be created with the RIMOWA Unique customisation service that allows customers to select from different coloured wheels, leather handles and initialled leather luggage tags.

RIMOWA Hybrid Cabin Blue, 2019


The RIMOWA Hybrid combines two innovative materials, robust aluminium-magnesium alloy and lightweight polycarbonate, in one unique suitcase design. It is available in five sizes - the Cabin S, Cabin, Cabin Plus, Check-In M, Check-In L, and in a range of matte or gloss colours.


The RIMOWA Essential is the present version of the world's first polycarbonate suitcase, which RIMOWA brought to market in 2000. The high-tech material resists extreme temperatures, is light yet durable, and has received two safety certifications from TÜV Rheinland. The Essential range is characterised by lightweight cases that come in a rotating mix of seasonal colour variations and both matte and gloss finishes. The RIMOWA Essential is available in seven sizes - the Cabin S, Cabin, Cabin Plus, Check-In M, Check-In L, Trunk and Trunk Plus.

Essential Lite[edit]

The Essential Lite is RIMOWA's lightest suitcase ever created, weighing 30 percent less than the Essential variant. It is the only RIMOWA product available in a miniature kid's size, in addition to four other standard sizes - the Cabin S, Cabin, Check-In M and Check-In L.

Product Features[edit]

RIMOWA suitcases currently in production include the following features:

  • The Multiwheel® System first patented by RIMOWA in 2001. Ball-bearing mounted wheels with cushioned axels ensure smooth and stable 360-degree motion across eight wheels.[12]
  • TSA-approved locks first introduced in 2006 for global airport security compliance.[13]
  • Telescopic handles with stage-free adjustment for smooth manoeuvrability.[14]
  • Interior compartment equipped with two height-adjustable Flex Dividers that secure the contents of each suitcase.[15]


RIMOWA has established several partnerships with well-know German brands, such as Lufthansa since 1998[16] for the brand's centenary, or with Porsche since 1999.[17] As part of the partnership with Porsche, RIMOWA regularly produces special series of its suitcases with specific colours or designs. Nevertheless, since 2017, RIMOWA has made major changes in its strategy,[18] moving from a product placement strategy to a strategy of close collaborations and long-term partnerships such as Fendi,[19] Monocle, Moncler,[20] Supreme,[21] Off-White,[22] Daniel Arsham,[23] Anti Social Social Club,[24] and the artist Alex Israel.[25]

RIMOWA x SUPREME Cabin Red 45L, 2018


In 2018, New York skateboarding brand Supreme (brand) and RIMOWA teamed up to create custom versions of the Original suitcase emblazoned with the Supreme logo. Made exclusively for Supreme, the limited-edition suitcase were available in Red and Black.[26] In 2019, a second product drop was released, this time featuring Supreme's spider web design anodized into the aluminium surface of the RIMOWA Original cases. Available in Cabin Plus and Check-In L sizes, the collaboration included a co-branded black leather luggage tag, custom lining, and matching drawstring shoe bag featuring the Supreme logo.[27]


In 2018, RIMOWA collaborated with streetwear label Off-White (company) and its founder Virgil Abloh, also acting as Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton menswear. The capsule collection included a completely transparent Polycarbonate suitcase based on the Essential, titled "See Through", and an all-black Original case labelled with the words "Personal Belongings" in Off-White's signature block lettering and branded luggage belt. Due to its transparent design the "See Through" case forgoes interior lining and instead includes the Flex Divider system in black in addition to customised bags and an extra wheel set included in the product release.[28]


In 2019, RIMOWA partnered with luxury fashion house Dior, and its Artistic Director of menswear Kim Jones (designer), to develop a joint capsule collection of exclusive luggage items. The collection includes custom versions of the RIMOWA Original Cabin and Original Trunk suitcases featuring the Dior Oblique design, a signature motif of the iconic house dating back to 1967. Using an innovative combination of anodising processes, vibrant pigments of the design are inscribed directly into the product's aluminium skin, giving it a rich, reflective appearance. Also included in the collection was a revival of an archive piece - the RIMOWA and Dior Hand Case modelled on the RIMOWA "Piccolo" case of the 1990s - along with an all-new design called the RIMOWA Personal offering a portable size and cross-body strap.[29] Another highlight of the collection was the Dior and RIMOWA Champagne case. The capsule collected debuted on the runway of the Dior's Men's Summer 2020 fashion show in Paris.[30]

Daniel Arsham[edit]

In 2019, contemporary artist Daniel Arsham and RIMOWA collaborated on a special-edition art project. Drawing inspiration from the RIMOWA brand archives in Cologne, Germany. Arsham created a numbered "eroded suitcase" series based on a vintage RIMOWA Attaché briefcase. Similar to ARSHAM's "Future Relic" series (2013 - 2018) where he imagines a variety everyday objects as archaeological discoveries from a future, dystopian world.[31] In May 2019, the number 008/500 of this special edition was sold for US$14,000 at auction house Sotheby's in New York city.[32]


RIMOWA has formed relationships with renowned cultural icons, sports figures, artists and designers for various brand initiatives. For the ‘Never Still’ global brand campaign, RIMOWA enlisted a series ambassadors to promote their new brand identity. Ambassadors featured in the ‘Never Still’ brand campaign include:


Year Country Awards Category Ranking Product
2010 USA Travel + Leisure[41] Best Luggage 1st place Salsa Deluxe
2014 Germany Red Dot Award[42] Online (Homepage) 1st place RIMOWA
2015 Germany Welt (Munich Strategy Group)[43] Top 100 Small- and medium-sized companies 1st place RIMOWA
2015 Global Future Travel Experience[44] Best Baggage Initiative 1st place RIMOWA & Lufthansa for RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2016 Germany Innovations-Champions 2016 Munich Strategy Group 1st place RIMOWA
2016 Germany Digital Pioneer 2016[45] Digital Pioneer 1st place RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2017 Germany Art Directors Club[46] Digitale Medien Craft > Innovative Technologie 1st place RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2017 USA Surface Travel Awards[47] Luggage high-end 1st place RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2017 Germany Art Directors Club[48] Digitale Medien > Usage innovant des réseaux sociaux 2nd place RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2017 France Cannes Lions[49] MOBILE A Technology A07 Connected Devices 2nd place RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2017 USA CLIO Awards[50] DIGITAL / MOBILE Other 2nd place RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2017 Germany Deutscher Digital Award[51] 9.2 Transformation Digitale - Innovation 2nd place RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2017 UK London International Awards THE NEW Product Innovation Shortlist RIMOWA Electronic Tag
2019 USA Fast Company Awards [52] 50 Most Innovative Companies Shortlist RIMOWA Product Range
2019 USA Fast Company Awards [53] The 9 most timeless designs of the past 25 years Shortlist RIMOWA Original Cabin silver suitcase
2019 USA Surface Magazine [54] The Best New Luggage of The Year 1st place RIMOWA x Alex Israel suitcase


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