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FounderPaul Morszeck
Key people
Alexandre Arnault, CEO
Dieter Morszeck, Co-CEO
A typical RIMOWA suitcase

RIMOWA is a luggage manufacturer. The company was founded in 1898, in Cologne, Germany. In 2016, LVMH acquired an 80% stake in the company.[1][2]


In 1898, Paul Morszeck and Heinrich Görtz founded the company under the name Görtz & Morszeck. By 1900, Paul Morszeck remained as the only director of the company. In 1931, his son, Richard Morszeck, became involved in the company and registered the trademark RIMOWA at the Reich Patent Office in Berlin. "RIMOWA" is an acronym for Richard Morszeck Warenzeichen (Warenzeichen = trademark).

In the 1930s, a fire in their factory burned most of their materials,[3] leaving only aluminum. As a result, RIMOWA used metal cases.

In 2000, the company introduced polycarbonate in box construction.

RIMOWA produces its products in its own factories in Germany, Czech Republic, Canada and Brazil. In 2013, 5,800 cases were produced daily.

An aluminum RIMOWA Topas suitcase

In 2017, RIMOWA joined the LVMH Group and became its first German Maison, with Alexandre Arnault becoming CEO of the company.[4] LVMH acquired an 80% stake for 640 million euros.[5]


In 1937, the first suitcases with grooves were produced. Made from duraluminium, an alloy of aluminium and magnesium. Originally, the parallel-grooved aluminum structure[6] was used to stabilize the thin aluminum, now this is the RIMOWA signature, protected as a trademark.


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