Rin Grand Hotel

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RIN Grand Hotel
Rin Grand Hotel.jpg
General information
Status Complete
Location Bucharest, Romania
Coordinates 44°23′55″N 26°08′37″E / 44.39862°N 26.14354°E / 44.39862; 26.14354Coordinates: 44°23′55″N 26°08′37″E / 44.39862°N 26.14354°E / 44.39862; 26.14354
Construction started 2006
Opening 2008
Cost €60,000,000
Owner RIN Group
Roof 65 m (213 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 15
Floor area 115,000 m2 (1,240,000 sq ft)

RIN Grand Hotel is a four-star hotel located in the Vitan area in Bucharest, Romania. It is located in South - East Bucharest, 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from one of the largest squares in Europe, Piaţa Unirii (Union Square), and close to the commercial and historical centers and the București Mall, one of the biggest and most-visited malls in the city.[1] As of 2008, the Rin Grand Hotel is the fourth-largest hotel in Europe in terms of room count, having a total of 1,459 rooms.[1] Only the Izmailovo Hotel (5,000 rooms) and the Cosmos Hotel (1,777 rooms) in Moscow and the Royal National Hotel (1,630 rooms) in London have more rooms. The modern building has two underground floors and 16 overground floors and a constructed surface area of 115,000 square metres (1,240,000 sq ft).


At first, the hotel was intended to have 1,000 rooms and the building, only 11 floors and the cost would have been around €30 million.[2] But with the demolition of the Rossiya Hotel in Moscow, Russia, which was the second-largest hotel in Europe at the time with 3,200 rooms, the developers saw an opportunity to construct an even larger hotel than initially envisioned and thus the hotel was upgraded to 1,459 rooms and the building heightened to 15 floors.[2] The construction of the Rin Grand Hotel started in 2006 on a 4 hectares (9.9 acres) plot of land located in Southern Bucharest in the Vitan area where no major hotel existed at the time. The first 630 rooms were finished in October 2007 and the rest of the 1,459 rooms were finished in March 2008 in time for the 20th NATO Summit held in Bucharest; its invitees occupied 900 rooms.[2] The 115,000 square metres (1,240,000 sq ft) hotel was built at a cost of €60 million and is owned by the RIN Group.[2]


The RIN Grand Hotel has 1,459 rooms spread over 12 floors. The hotel also has 25 conference rooms with capacities ranging from 18 to 1,000 seats, with the largest having 1,200 square metres (13,000 sq ft). Its three restaurants include La Boema, which has a capacity of 210 people, and Stars, with a capacity of 650 people. The hotel also features a 1,000 places parking, a 1,500 square metres (16,000 sq ft)

The hotel currently has only 489 room, after some of the rooms were closed and converted into residential apartments.

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