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Rina Mimoun
Rina Mimoun.jpg
Mimoun at the PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2014 for the TV show Red Band Society
OccupationTelevision writer, television producer
Years active1998–present
Scott Weinger (m. 2008)

Rina Mimoun is an American television writer and producer.

Mimoun's career began at the age of 21 with a Writers Guild of America internship on the Fox comedy Ned and Stacey and a first staff writer job on the UPN sitcom Guys Like Us. She scored her big break when then-Dawson's Creek showrunner Greg Berlanti hired her as a writer on the teen drama series.[1] Mimoun has also written for Jack & Jill, Dawson's Creek, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Pushing Daisies, Eastwick, and Hart of Dixie.

She served as a supervising producer on Everwood for the first 12 episodes of season 1. She was made a co-executive producer for the rest of season 1 and the entirety of season 2. She became an executive producer and the showrunner for seasons 3 and 4 after creator Greg Berlanti left the series.[2][3]

Mimoun developed and executive-produced Privileged for The CW Television Network, based on the Zoey Dean novel How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls.[4]

Mimoun serves as an executive producer on Mistresses, an American remake of the 2008–2010 British series of the same name.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Mimoun has been married to actor Scott Weinger since 2008;[6][7] together they have a son, who was born in 2009.[8][9] She is of American and Tunisian descent.


Jack & Jill
Title Year Credit Notes
"Not Just a River in Egypt" 1999 Writer, with Randi Mayem Singer
"To Be Perfectly Honest" 2000 Writer
"The #@$%!*& Future" 2000 Writer
"Under Pressure" 2000 Writer, with Randi Mayem Singer
"A Key Exchange" 2000 Writer
"Seriously, All Coma Proposals Aside..." 2001 Writer
"Pressure Points" 2001 Writer
"Crazy Like a Fox, Hungry Like the Wolf..." 2001 Writer, with Randi Mayem Singer
"... And Jack & Jill Came Down the Hill, Part 2" 2001 Writer Series finale
Dawson's Creek
Title Year Credit Notes
"Separation Anxiety" 2001 Writer
"Use Your Disillusion" 2001 Writer
"Something Wilder" 2002 Writer
"100 Light Years from Home" 2002 Writer
Title Year Credit Notes
"The Kissing Bridge" 2002 Writer
"Turf Wars" 2002 Writer
"The Price of Fame" 2003 Writer
"The Unveiling" 2003 Writer, with Greg Berlanti
"Home" 2003 Teleplay, with Michael Green Season 1 finale
"The Last of Summer" 2003 Writer, with Greg Berlanti Season 2 premiere
"Daddy's Little Girl" 2003 Writer, with Joan Binder Weiss
"Just Like in the Movies" 2003 Writer
"Unspoken Truths" 2004 Writer, with Greg Berlanti
"The Day Is Done" 2004 Writer, with Greg Berlanti & Michael Green Season 2 finale
"For Every Action..." 2004 Writer Season 3 premiere
"The Reflex" 2004 Writer, with Anna Fricke
"Oh, The Places You'll Go" 2005 Teleplay, with David Hudgins
"Where the Heart Is" 2005 Writer, with Michael Green Season 3 finale
"A Kiss to Build a Dream On" 2005 Writer Season 4 premiere
"Goodbye, Love" 2006 Writer, with Greg Berlanti
"Foreverwood, Part 2" 2006 Writer, with David Hudgins Series finale
Gilmore Girls
Title Year Credit Notes
"Lorelai's First Cotillion" 2006 Writer
Pushing Daisies
Title Year Credit Notes
"Pigeon" 2007 Writer
Title Year Credit Notes
"Pilot" 2008 Teleplay Series premiere
"All About Honesty" 2008 Writer
"All About the Power Position" 2008 Writer, with Christopher Fife
"All About the Ripple Effect" 2008 Writer, with David Babcock
"All About Tough Love" 2009 Writer, with Christopher Fife
"All About a Brand New You!" 2009 Writer Series finale
Title Year Credit Notes
"Fleas and Casserole" 2009 Writer
"Bonfire and Betrayal" 2009 Writer, with Maggie Friedman
"Magic Snow and Creep Gene" 2009 Writer
Hart of Dixie
Title Year Credit Notes
"In Havoc & In Heat" 2011 Writer
"Homecoming & Coming Home" 2011 Writer
"Heart to Hart" 2012 Writer
Title Year Credit Notes
"The Morning After" 2013 Writer
"When One Door Closes..." 2013 Writer
"Rebuild" 2014 Writer Season 2 premiere
"Surprise" 2014 Writer
"Gone Girl" 2015 Writer Season 3 premiere
"Murder She Wrote" 2015 Writer


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