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Rind (Balochi: رِند) are a Baloch tribe settled in the Balochistan province of Iran, and the Balochistan Province of Pakistan, Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan.

They are descendants of Mir Jalal Khan, the founder and ruler of the First Baloch Confederacy in the 12th Century. Mir Jalal Khan is believed to be the ancestor of the Rinds, Lasharris, Hooths, Korais and Jatois.

Mir Chakar Rind, the folk hero of the Baloch epic Hani and Sheh Mureed, united Baloch tribes in the 15th century and established his rule over Balochistan. His tomb is in Satghara, Sahiwal District, Punjab. The present chief of the Rind tribe is Sardar yar Muhammad Rind. Imam Bakhsh Khan Rind, who lives in Shoran, Kalat. But he is not a lineal descendant of Mir Chakar Rind, whose real lineal descendants live in Satghara. Wadero Yar Muhammad Khan wd. Bahwal Khan Rind, resident of his own village, taluka Sehwan, is known to be the Chief of the Rind tribe in Karachi District. The Grand Tumandar of all Rind Tribes is Hakim Ali Shah the Liege Lord of Koh E Suleiman Mountains in Baochistan. He is a direct descendant of the 4th Caliph of Islam, Imam Ali and the present Imperial Overlord of Northern Balochistan.


The Rind tribe led by Mir Chakar Rind had formed powerful coalitions in the mountains of Baluchistan When the Mughal Emperor Humayun was forcefully deposed by Sher Shah Suri in the year 1540, The Rind tribe escorted Humayun to meet Shah Tahmasp of Isfahan, and later in 1555 joined Humayun's Qizilbash regiments, Mir Chakar Rind and his son Mir Shahzad Rind fought against Sher Shah Suri and fought against the usurper Sher Shah Suri. and were well rewarded with very large jagirs and family relations when Humayun finally regained the Mughal throne in 1556 with the Help of Mir Chakar Rind along with his 40,000 Baloch warriors. Mir Chakar Rind also helped Humayun's father Babur against Ibrahim Lodi in 1526 .

Sandani Balouch[edit]

Sandani is a Baloch tribe.Sandani baloch live in Pakistan in the provinces of Punjab,and Balochistan.The tribe is now spread across Pakistan.

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