Ring: Kanzenban

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Ring: Kanzenban
Directed byChisui Takigawa[1]
Produced byEndo Ryunosuke
Screenplay byJoji Iida[1]
Based onRing
by Koji Suzuki
Music byIke Yoshihiro[2]
CinematographyIwata Kazumi[2]
Release date
  • August 11, 1995 (1995-08-11) (Japan)
Running time
95 minutes[2]

Ring: Kanzenban (Japanese: リング 完全版, Hepburn: Ringu: Kanzenban, lit. "Ring: The Complete Edition") is a 1995 Japanese horror film based on the book Ring by Koji Suzuki. Unlike that of the later film series the characters remain largely unchanged and in comparison other films made of this novel it is the most accurate in relation to the original text.


The film premiered on the Japanese television station Fuji TV on August 11, 1995 [2] as Ring. When released on home video in Japan on VHS and LaserDisc, the film was released as Ring: Kanzenban with a few changes.[3] The film has only been released in Japan, and has not seen a home video rerelease since 1997.[4][5]



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