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RingCentral, Inc.
Traded as NYSERNG
Industry Cloud computing based business phone systems
Founded 1999
Headquarters 20 Davis Drive
Belmont, California 94002
Key people
Vlad Shmunis, CEO
Products RingCentral Office
RingCentral Mobile
RingCentral Fax
Number of employees
Website www.ringcentral.com

RingCentral (NYSERNG) is a publicly traded provider of cloud-based phone systems for businesses.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] It is headquartered in Belmont, California and has offices in Denver, Colorado; Charlotte, NC; Toronto, Canada; Singapore; Manila, Philippines; Xiamen, China; St. Petersburg, Russia and Odessa, Ukraine.[8][9][10][11]

RingCentral CEO Vlad Shmunis founded the company in 1999.[12][13] RingCentral investors included Doug Leone, Sequoia Capital, David Weiden, Khosla Ventures, Rob Theis, Scale Venture Partners, Bobby Yerramilli-Rao, Hermes Growth Partners and DAG Ventures.[9][14][15] It completed its IPO in 2013.[16][17]


The RingCentral was bootstrapped until it received its first round of venture capital investment in 2006.[11] In 2011, RingCentral added Cisco and Silicon Valley Bank as investors and had secured a total of $45 million in capital investment.[18]

On September 27, 2013, RingCentral completed its IPO.[16][17] The company completed a follow-on offering in March 2014 worth 7.5 million.[19]


RingCentral's flagship product is RingCentral Office. The company also offers RingCentral Professional, and RingCentral Fax.[20][21]

RingCentral provides a cloud-based business phone system. It offers PBX features such as multiple extensions; call control; Outlook, Salesforce, Google Docs, DropBox and Box integration; SMS; video conferencing and web conferencing; fax; auto-receptionist; call logs; and rule-based call routing and answering.[5][21][22] Customers do not require capital investment or maintenance contracts, which lowers customer costs and– as with most cloud-based technologies -- "potentially disrupts" traditional on-premises PBX providers.[23]

RingCentral Office[edit]

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based PBX system for businesses.[22] RingCentral Office features include call auto-attendant, company directory, call forwarding and handling, multiple extensions, a mobile app for iPhone and Android, Business SMS, video conferencing and screen-sharing, and fax.[22]

RingCentral Professional[edit]

RingCentral Professional, is a suite that provides a universal telephone number, voice mail, dial-by-name directory, call-forwarding, and other features through a smartphone app on iPhone and Android devices.[15][24]

RingCentral Fax[edit]

RingCentral Fax allows users to send and receive faxes through the Internet without a fax machine.[25][26] The service integrates with Dropbox, Box, and Google Docs.[25]

RingCentral Contact Center[edit]

RingCentral Contact Center is a full-featured contact center product, formed via a partnership with inContact.[27] It offers real-time reporting and dashboards, historical reporting, multichannel capabilities, supervisory capabilities, an IVR, and numerous other functions necessary to the operation of a contact center.


In June 2015, RingCentral acquired Glip.[28] Glip is a persistent collaboration platform which adds instant messaging, document sharing, task and event management, and other collaboration functionality to the RingCentral platform.In June 2015, Glip was acquired by RingCentral for an undisclosed amount.[29]


RingCentral was named a 2010 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.[30]

PC Magazine has awarded RingCentral with two Editor's Choice Awards.[21][22] RingCentral also won the 2009 Product of the Year Award from Internet Telephony Magazine, and was named a 2009 CNET Webware 100 award winner.[31] In 2015, the company also won Best Phone System Award for 2015, Supreme Software Award 2015 and Best Mobile Support Award 2015 as reviewed by FinancesOnline.[32]


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