Ring Out Joy

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Ring Out Joy
Ring Out Joy.jpg
Studio album by Ed Summerlin
Released 1968
Recorded April 1968 [1]
Genre Avant-garde jazz, Free jazz, Religious music
Length 40 min [2]
Label Avant-Garde
AV 114 [3]
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Ring Out Joy
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Ring Out Joy is the third album by tenor saxophonist/composer-arranger Ed Summerlin, recorded in April 1968 and released later that year on the Avant-Garde label. The album marks a return to the religious concerns that characterized Summerlin's 1960 debut LP, Liturgical Jazz.

Track listing[edit]

Music by Ed Summerlin
Texts by William Robert Miller

Side One

  1. "Gift of Joy"
    "The Coming of Christ"
  2. New Men
  3. New Humanity
  4. Parousia

Side Two

"Liturgy of the Holy Spirit"
  1. Agape
  2. Hymn
  3. How Sweet and Holy is the Word
  4. Mysterium
  5. Offertory Anthem
  6. Hymn of Commitment
  7. Epiklesis
  8. Recessional hymn


Soloists, chorus and instrumental ensemble conducted by the composer.
Choir recorded in London, April 14–20, 1968.


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