Ring Ring, I've Got To Sing

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"Ring, Ring I've Got To Sing" was composed and performed by Ferre Grignard in the early 1960s. It became an international hit.


After an unsuccessful career as an artist, Ferre Grignard had learned to play the guitar and sing the blues. In 1964, “De Muze” opened in Antwerp. It was a bar often frequented by people with an alternative life-style. Ferre Grignard often performed there and "Ring, Ring I've Got to Sing" was greatly appreciated. In 1965, the owner invited him to record the song. Not long thereafter Hans Kusters, a music producer who also owned a record company, heard the song and asked Ferre Grignard to record it once again. In 1966, it became a hit and because of its mixture of skiffle, folk and blues, Grignard's first album Ring, Ring I've Got to Sing scored high on the European charts.

Afterwards the song was re-issued many times and it appeared in numerous compilations. In 2007, the song was inducted into the Flemish Hall of Fame of pop music.[1] At present “Ring, Ring I've Got To Sing” is still present on many Belgian all-time top hit charts.[2]


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