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UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste indicates that the third round is about to begin

A ring girl is the common name for a woman who enters the ring between rounds of a combat sport event such as boxing, kickboxing, or mixed martial arts, carrying a sign that displays the number of the upcoming round.

Professional wrestling[edit]

In professional wrestling, ring girls are attendants who remove the entrance gear (such as jackets, robes, and other clothing) and championship belts from the ring after a wrestler takes them off before his match. Throughout the 1980s, World Wrestling Entertainment employed ring girls known as the Federettes. Since its inception in 2002, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has featured various independent female wrestlers and valets as ring girls.

During the first year of WWF Monday Night Raw, WWE featured traditional boxing-style ring girls who carried signs featuring various Raw-themed slogans in the ring between matches.


Model: Date: Issue: Notes:
Rachelle Leah October 2008 Playboy UFC ring girl
Arianny Celeste November 2010 Playboy UFC ring girl
Brittney Palmer March 2012 Playboy UFC ring girl
Jade Bryce December 2012 Playboy Bellator MMA ring girl

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