Ringgit Operations Monitoring System

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Ringgit Operations Monitoring System (ROMS) is a large-value FX transaction reporting system owned and operated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), the central bank of Malaysia. It automates a major part of compliance reporting between Authorised Dealers (who are licensed FX intermediaries) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

ROMS is built using web-based technology and runs on a web browser on a PC workstation to minimise cost, ease maintenance and establish a user-friendly interface.

Data security implemented by using a secure private broadband network between BNM and financial institutions. This network is called ‘FINET’. ROMS is not deployed over the Internet. FINET in turn, runs over COINS, a nationwide enterprise level data network operated by Telekom Malaysia, the national telecommunication provider. Users are authenticated via password challenge-response process, IP address registration and digital certificates.

Reporting financial institutions are required to report all wholesale FX transactions above USD1 million on trade date basis. Daily system start up time for ROMS is at 8.30 am while the system cut off time for the submission via ROMS is at 5.00 pm. Any extension on the system cut off time is at BNM discretion . Other FX transactions below USD1 million and above RM50,000 are recorded on lagged basis but must be within the fortnightly reporting period (before 15th and end-month).