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Ringsend College is a multi denominational secondary school and further eductation college run by the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB). The college operates under a local Sub Committee which is representative of parents, staff, community, local primary schools and industry. It is chaired by Cllr. Kevin Humphreys .

The college offers a range of courses including Junior Cert, Leaving Cert, Repeat Leaving Cert, Post leaving Cert (PLC in Computer Systems and Information Technology) and FIT/VTOS Adult programmes.


Ringsend College is on Cambridge Road, Ringsend.

It overlooks the Liffey, near the East Link Toll Bridge, the college is near bus routes nos. 3 and 18 and is also accessible by DART from Lansdowne Road and Barrow Street.

Junior Certificate[edit]

There is a 3-year programme for the Junior Certificate covering core subjects English, Irish, Maths, Religious Education, Science and Physical Education.

Other subjects vary from year to year depending on demand and can include French, Woodwork M.T.W., Art, Metalwork, Home Economics, Technical Graphics, Business Studies, Music.

Leaving Certificate[edit]

This is a 2-year programme covering 5th & 6th Years. The core subjects are: English, Irish, Maths, Religious Education, French and LCVP Link Module.

Optional subjects are Art, Engineering, Home Economics, Business Studies, Biology, History, Geography, Music.

At senior cycle there is a strong emphasis on career guidance. Preparation for work and specific job opportunities are dealt with by the Guidance Counsellor. Also full information and advice is given regarding CAO/CAS applications and all other further educational opportunities.

School Facilities[edit]

The school is located in a bright modern new building. The following fully equipped specialist areas are a feature of the school.

  • Library
  • Engineering, Woodwork and Electronic Workshops
  • Science Labs
  • Computer Rooms
  • Arts and Crafts Rooms
  • Music Room
  • Canteen
  • Gymnasium
  • Home Economics Room
  • Greenhouse

Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme[edit]

If you are 21 or over and receiving a Social Welfare payment* or credits for at least six months, you can return to education at no cost under the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme(VTOS). You will be paid a weekly VTOS Training allowance equivalent to your social welfare payment, your books will be provided, you will get a weekly meal allowance and you may qualify for a travel allowance. VTOS students who have been unemployed for over one year may get an extra €31.80 social welfare bonus.

Social welfare payments that may qualify for VTOS:

  • Unemployment Assistance/Benefit
  • One Parent Family Allowance
  • Disability Benefit/Allowance
  • Lone Parents over 21 years in receipt of Lone Parents Allowance for one year or longer retain their Lone Parents Allowance, get an extra €31.80 per week and may be eligible for a crèche allowance.
  • Widowed Person's allowance
  • You are also eligible if you are the husband, wife or partner of someone receiving assistance/benefit.

Taster courses[edit]

Shorter Taster courses (usually three weeks part-time) are offered from time to time during the summer months. People are given the opportunity to explore different areas and special emphasis is placed on learning the skills needed to return to studying.

VTOS students are also eligible for enrollment on any of the Repeat or Post Leaving Certificate programmes offered in the college.

Post Leaving Certificate Courses[edit]

Currently running Computer Systems and Information Technology.

Part Time Courses[edit]

Back to Education Initiative (BTEI)

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