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Rinkeby as seen from the air, 1988

Rinkeby (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈrɪŋkəˌbyː]) is a district in Rinkeby-Kista borough, Stockholm, Sweden.[1] Rinkeby had 15,051 inhabitants in 2007.[2]

Rinkeby is noted for its high concentration of immigrants and people with immigrant ancestry. 89.1% of the population of Rinkeby had a first- or second-generation immigrant background as of 2007.[2]

A sociolect called Rinkeby Swedish has been named after Rinkeby.

The district was a part of the Rinkeby borough until 1 January 2007, when it was merged with Kista borough to form the Rinkeby-Kista borough. The neighbourhood was part of the Million Programme.

The Stockholm metro station Rinkeby was opened in 1975.



Main article: 2010 Rinkeby riots

For two nights in a row in 2010, youth riots broke out in Rinkeby. Up to 100 youths threw bricks, set fires and attacked the local police station.[3]


For over a week, riots were ongoing as local youth attacked the police with bricks, sticks, etc. Other areas also include Husby, Tensta and Akalla.



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Coordinates: 59°23′17″N 17°55′43″E / 59.38806°N 17.92861°E / 59.38806; 17.92861