Rino Parenti

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Rino Parenti
Born 13 July 1895
Died 19 October 1953(1953-10-19) (aged 58)
Nationality Italian

Rino Parenti (13 July 1895 – 19 October 1953) was one of the Italian fascist leaders.[1]


Parenti was born in Milan on 13 July 1895.[1][2] He was non-commissioned officer during World War I.[1] Then he became fascist in 1919 and participated in local squad militant.[1] He served at local party and was the federal secretary of the Italian Fascist Party for Milan (federale of Milan) from 1933 to 1939.[3][4] During this period, he succeeded in normalizing Milanese fascism and adapting it to the conditions of the national fascism.[3]

Parenti was the president of the Italian National Olympic Committee from 1939 to 1940.[5] He was the first president elected according to the new rules.[6]

Parenti died in Rome on 19 October 1953.[2]


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