Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups

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Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups
Created by Rio Ferdinand
Starring Rio Ferdinand
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 1
Running time 75 mins
Production company(s) ITV Granada
Next Generation TV & Film
Original network ITV1
Original release 1 July 2006 (2006-07-01)

Rio's World Cup Wind-Ups was a short English hidden camera practical joke show hosted by English footballer Rio Ferdinand which was filmed shortly before the 2006 FIFA World Cup.[1] The show strongly resembled the American show Punk'd[citation needed] which is hosted and produced by Ashton Kutcher. Ferdinand chose certain English footballers to play a prank on. The pranks would usually end with the catchphrase You got merk'd!.

English People who have been "Merk'd"[edit]

  • Gary Neville: Neville (and Giggs) comes for training and parks his car. Cops stop him and charge him for speeding and a number of traffic offences and proceed to detain Giggs and interrogate Neville.
  • Ashley Cole: Cole is visiting a music recording studio for a charity deal. The sound engineer's American partner then accuses him of deleting the track vocal parts and messing things up.
  • Shaun Wright-Phillips: Wright-Phillips accidentally gets a waiter fired. (John Terry was supposed to be the victim but he found out after seeing the message in his wife's mobile phone explaining the prank. Terry then found Wright-Phillips as a substitute.)
  • Peter Crouch: Crouch is offered an investment deal by an Indian businessman whose Russian business partners later barge in and demand money.
  • Wayne Rooney: Rooney is visiting a dogs' home with his wife Colleen when a little boy's dog dies.
  • David James: James goes to an art gallery and he is accused of breaking a piece of artwork made by a French artist.
  • David Beckham: Beckham is picked up by a driver that takes a detour to make him late for his meeting.



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