Rio, 100 Degrees F.

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Rio, 100 Degrees F
Rio, 40 Graus
Directed byNelson Pereira dos Santos
Produced byMário Barroso

Ciro Freire Cúri
Louis-Henri Guitton
Pedro Kosinski

Nelson Pereira dos Santos
Written byArnaldo de Farias
Nelson Pereira dos Santos
StarringRoberto Batalin

Glauce Rocha

Jece Valadão
Release date
Running time
100 minutes

Rio, 100 Degrees F. (Portuguese: Rio, 40 Graus) is a 1955 Brazilian film written and directed by Nelson Pereira dos Santos. It is dos Santos' first feature work, inspired by the Italian Neo-Realism, and is considered a precursor of the Cinema Novo movement.[1][2]


The film is a semidocumentary following five Rio de Janeiro favela children working as peanut vendors and selling their wares throughout the city.


  • Roberto Batalin .... Pedro
  • Glauce Rocha .... Rosa
  • Jece Valadão .... Miro
  • Ana Beatriz .... Maria Helena
  • Modesto de Souza .... landowner
  • Cláudia Morena .... Alice
  • Ivone Miranda
  • Antônio Novais
  • Jackson de Souza
  • Sady Cabral
  • Mauro Mendonça .... Italian tourist at the Sugarloaf Mountain


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