Rio Alamar

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Map showing the locations of Rio Alamar and its tributaries, Tecate Creek and Cottonwood Creek

Rio Alamar or Arroyo de Alamar is a river mainly in northern Baja California, Mexico with a small portion in California, United States. The stream is formed by the confluence of Cottonwood Creek and Tecate Creek a short distance north of the Mexico–United States border. It flows generally west for about 25 kilometres (16 mi) through the San Ysidro Mountains and the Tijuana urban area before joining with the Arroyo de las Palmas in central Tijuana, to form the Tijuana River.

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Coordinates: 32°30′56″N 116°58′22″W / 32.5156°N 116.9729°W / 32.5156; -116.9729