Dão River

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Dão River at Santa Comba Dão

Rio Dão (or river Dão) is a Portuguese river that originates in the plateau regions of Trancoso-Aguiar da Beira in the Eirado parish, Aguiar da Beira Municipality, Guarda District, and varies between 714 and 757 metres (2,343 and 2,484 ft) in elevation.

It flows in a general northeast–southwest direction, passing through Barragem de Fagilde and crosses or demarcates the limits of the councils of Aguiar da Beira, Penalva do Castelo, Mangualde, Viseu, Carregal do Sal, Nelas, Tondela, and Santa Comba Dão. It empties into the Mondego River, in the limits of the councils of Santa Comba Dão, Mortágua, and Penacova, after covering about 100 kilometres (62 mi).

Its main tributaries are the Carapito River, Ribeira de Coja, Sátão River and the Criz River. Its granite-sloped valley is situated in the "Região Demarcada do Dão", where the Vinho do Dão table wines are produced.

Coordinates: 40°22′56″N 8°8′44″W / 40.38222°N 8.14556°W / 40.38222; -8.14556