Rio Grande Review

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Rio Grande Review
CategoriesArt, literature
PublisherThe University of Texas at El Paso
First issueFall 1981
Final issueSpring 2013
CompanyThe University of Texas at El Paso
CountryUnited States
Based inEl Paso
LanguageEnglish, Spanish

Rio Grande Review was a biannual, bilingual (Spanish and English) magazine of contemporary literature and arts established in September 1981 in El Paso, Texas. It was published by the University of Texas at El Paso and edited by students of its Creative Writing program.[1][2] In 2013 forty issues were published, some of them dedicated to special topics such as aversions, violence, kitsch and camp, visual poetry and graphic narrative, among others.[3] The magazine promoted world and border literature between Mexico and the United States. Previous editors have been Paul Guillén and Juan Pablo Plata.[4] The magazine folded with the Fall 2012-Spring 2013 issue.[5]

Autores en español publicados[edit]

  • Sergio Ramírez
  • Andrés Neuman
  • Agustín Fernández Mallo
  • Ricardo Piglia
  • Carlos Fonseca
  • Alí Calderón
  • Luis Arturo Ramos
  • Alejandro Zambra
  • Ricardo Piglia
  • Betina González
  • Yuri Herrera
  • Daniel Centeno
  • Iván Thays
  • Jon Lee Anderson
  • Jaime Manrique
  • Benjamin Alire Sainz (Premio Pen/Faulkner)
  • Julián Herbert


  • Margarita Mejía
  • Juan Álvarez
  • Danial Ríos
  • Betina González
  • Daniel Centeno
  • Mijail Lamas
  • Criseida Santos Guevara
  • Carolina Dávila
  • Mario Martz
  • Amber Miller
  • Mónica Teresa Ortiz
  • Andrea Salgado
  • Mari Gómez
  • Fabián Molina


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