Rio Vermelho (neighborhood)

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Location of Rio Vermelho.

Rio Vermelho is a beach neighborhood in the southern zone of Salvador, Bahia. Rio Vermelho is where the Festa da Yemenjá (an important celebration in the Candomblé religion) takes place on February 2. It was home to the writer Jorge Amado and is currently home to singer Gal Costa (who bought her house overlooking the Praia da Paciência, Patience Beach, from musical colleague Caetano Veloso). Gilberto Gil has a home in the area too. A popular neighborhood with tourists, there are many bars and restaurants in the area.

The name comes from a Portuguese twisting of the indigenous Tupí name "Camarajibe" or "River of the Camarás" -- camarás being small red flowers which in earlier times grew in abundance in Salvador.[1]

Rio Vermelho is also one of two famous points in the city where the best Acarajé can be found.