Rioja Province (Peru)

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Location of Rioja in the San Martín Region
Location of Rioja in the San Martín Region
Country Peru
Region San Martín
Capital Rioja
 • Total 2,535.04 km2 (978.78 sq mi)
Population (2002 estimate)
 • Total 92.222
 • Density 0.036/km2 (0.094/sq mi)

The Rioja Province is one of ten provinces of the San Martín Region in northern Peru.


The province is bordered to the north and east by the Moyobamba Province and to the south and west by the Amazonas Region. The province has a population of 90,000 inhabitants. Its capital is Rioja. The area of the province is 2,535.04 square kilometers (978.78 sq mi).

Political division[edit]

The province is divided into nine districts.

Coordinates: 6°03′41″S 77°10′00″W / 6.061366°S 77.166782°W / -6.061366; -77.166782