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Riojan Style Potatoes or Potatoes with chorizo is a very popular first dish in the counties of Rioja and Álava, Spain, though it is eaten throughout Spain. This starter is nutritious and suitable for cold weather.

Finished dish.


It is not known when it was first made. However, potatoes were not used in soups in Spain until Napoleon's invasion, so it wasn't until at least the 19th century that this dish was eaten there. It is also said that Chef Paul Bocuse tasted this stew in a famous winery, and after three servings, told everybody that Riojan style potatoes were the best food he had ever eaten. The chef also recommended this dish to be the national dish of Spain. Riojan Style potatoes are usually served in the areas of Alava and Rioja due to the perfect climate and its inexpensiveness. Nowadays it is served in every winery, becoming the most traditional and typical dish in northern Spain.

Green peppers or green chilli peppers may be used.


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