Riojan Party

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Riojan Party
Leader Miguel González de Legarra
Founded 1982 (1982)
Ideology Centrism, regionalism
Political position Centre
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
European Parliament group None
Colours Green
Local Government
61 / 1,046
Politics of Spain
Political parties

The Riojan Party (Spanish: Partido Riojano) is a Spanish political party operating in the autonomous community of La Rioja. The party was formed as the Progressive Riojan Party (Spanish: Partido Riojano Progresista) on 6 December 1982[1] with the stated aim of occupying the progressive centre in La Rioja.[2] Initially the party was led by Luis Javier Rodriguez Moroy,[2] a former MP in the Spanish Congress of Deputies. Like Rodriguez, many members of the new party came from the Union of the Democratic Centre (UCD), the former governing coalition of Spain which disbanded in February 1983. Rubén García Marañón succeeded Rodriguez as Party President in February 1984 and the party adopted its current name in 1991.

In elections to the Parliament of La Rioja, held every four years from 1983 onwards, the party has usually polled between 6% and 7% and has won two deputies out of the thirty three seats available at each election in question.[3] In elections to the Spanish Congress, the party's highest share was 4.4% in the 1993 election.

In the 2007 local elections, the party polled 6.6% and won 43 council seats,[4] down from the 65 seats and 7.5% that it had polled in 2003.[5]

Currently the party is led by Miguel María González de Legarra.

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