Riot City: Protest and Rebellion in the Capital

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Riot City: Protest and Rebellion in the Capital
Riot City, Protest and Rebellion in the Capital.jpg
Cover of the first edition
Author Clive Bloom
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subjects Politics of London, protest movements, political activism
Set in London
Published Basingstoke
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 185
ISBN 9781137029355

Riot City: Protest and Rebellion in the Capital is a 2012 book by British academic, broadcaster and author, Clive Bloom. The book deals with the history of protest movements in London and political radicalism in the capital.


Clive Bloom is an Emeritus Professor of English and American studies at Middlesex University. The book examines the rebellion in the city, particularly examining radical political movements. It investigates Occupy London, the 2010 United Kingdom student protests alongside historic movements. Bloom writes that 'protest is the raw and vital edge of being a Londoner'.[1]


Riot City was welcomed by political activist Peter Tatchell, who described it as 'a brilliant documentation, analysis, and commentary on the recent wave of popular protest'.[citation needed] Danny Kruger, a former speechwriter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom remarked 'There is another London hiding behind the Olympics, the jubilee, the palaces and the stadiums – the London of riot and rebellion. Bloom takes us on a breathtaking tour of the politics of disorder, showing what happens, and why, when the battle for progress turns violent'.[citation needed] Chris Gilson, from the London School of Economics and Political Science wrote that the book was a 'timely work',[2] while the book was also reviewed in the Financial Times,[1] and The Spectator.[3]